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Pronutrial WomenProtein Powder



  • Dietary Supplements
  • Powder Form
  • Suitable For: Vegetarian
  • Pack of 1
  • Enriched with real nuts

Composition:Antioxidants, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium supplement, Vitamin B1 & B2, Iron & Zinc.


  • Nutritional supplement during pregnancy and lactation
  • Prevention of birth defects
  • Anemia
  • General weakness and fatigue in women
  • Normal growth and development of fetus and baby

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Fortified with essential amino acids, vitamins, proteins & minerals and provide excellent nutritional supplement during pregnancy.

Consists of essential Amino acids which support the growth of children,foetus in pregnant women,elderly patients and recovery in debilitated patients.

Helps restore iron levels in the body blood cells by its action on the bone marrow.

Assists in the smooth transporation of oxygen in blood during pregnancy.

Essential foor a pregnant woman’s by increasing blood supply and the growth of both materal and fetal tissue.

Aids in forming RBCs & suppots the immune system during pregnancy and lactation


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